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Your story will inspire someone.


Stories are a wonderful way to inspire and educate.  Share your story with us so we can share it here on Living Donor Match.  Your story might just be what someone needs to read to take that next step or hold onto hope.

Fill out the form below and we will add your story to our collection so people who are considering becoming a living donor can learn from your experiences.  Since we will be putting your story online, if you give your donor’s/recipient’s name, please make sure you get their permission first!  And if they want to submit their side of the story, we would love to feature them both together!  Add a photo (if you have one) of you, you and your family or friends, or you and your match so we can put a face with the story!

Some things you might include:
– your relationship with your match – relative, friend, stranger
– the process you went through leading up to surgery
– the highs and lows
– anything else you want!


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