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How it Works

To get started, all you need to do is register!  Once you do that, you will have your own profile (make sure you add a profile picture and cover photo so we can put a face with the name!) and you will be able to add other members of the site as your friends and send them messages.  Once your profile is up, you can do a search to find what you’re looking for using the form below (which you will find placed all over the site!).

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How it Started

Since I was in high school, I have always known that I wanted to be a living donor.  There was no particular reason – I’ve never known anyone who needed an organ donation so it wasn’t a personal endeavor.  Yet, it was.  It was something I knew I was meant to do.

Fast forward 18 years and I started to feel like it was time.  Besides my dog Tucker, I was the only one I was responsible for.  I worked for myself so I wouldn’t need to ask for time off and could rearrange my clients to get everything covered.  And for some reason, I started to feel the pull to get the process started.

I looked into doing altruistic kidney donation where I would just need to travel down to Seattle for the testing and procedure.  Unfortunately due to a medical condition called PCOS, they viewed it as too risky (thinking I might need to have both of my kidneys in the future) and I didn’t even get past the initial screening phone all and introductory paper work.  {Door slammed shut}.

I then asked if they could transfer my information that I had submitted to whomever would need it in order to see if I would be a candidate for living liver donation.  They then informed me that they don’t do altruistic liver donations (which is apparently true of many centers in the United States). {Another door slammed shut}.

I looked into a transplant hospital in Dallas, TX where I’m originally from because I knew I could stay with friends while I went through the process… they also only do directed liver transplants. {One more door}.

At this point, I started asking myself if maybe I should accept these closed doors and take a hint from the universe… luckily, I’m pretty stubborn and I felt like the fact that I have always felt like this is something I needed to do meant that maybe I would have to quit trying to make it so convenient (in both Seattle and Dallas, I could keep costs low and stay with friends).

That day, we also lost cell signal on the island I live on…. I didn’t have the internet power to get any work done, so I ended up picking up my phone every 15 minutes to do research on living liver donations and eventually found myself in a couple of Facebook groups.  It was once I was seeing people’s faces, hearing their stories, and realizing there were all of these people just hoping to find a donor that I got angry!

Here I was wanting to help, but because I didn’t know someone personally who needed a transplant, it was a no-go.  I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I were the one in need of a transplant and there were people out there who wanted to help, but we were never connected.  Talk about frustrating!

During my first 24 hours in this group I connected with a woman whose son has my blood type and is need of a liver transplant and I realized the need for something like this site – somewhere people like me could find those people who needed what I wanted to give.

I am now getting ready to travel to New York (about as far away as you can get from where I live and still be in the US!) for two days of scans, evaluations, and testing and hopefully will be seen as a good candidate for donating to this woman’s son.  But, even if I’m not, I’m hoping that I can contribute by creating this site so that he and everyone else can find the matches they need.

Who am I?


My name is Julie and I am the creator of Living Donor Match.  I’m also a Texas to PNW transplant, an islander, a Salish Sea Sailor, an online business strategist, a website developer, an animal lover, and hopefully, very soon, a liver donor.

Financial Support

Living Donor Match was created with the sole intention of helping those needing kidney and liver transplants find their match.  It is NOT a 501c3c (so donations are not tax deductible).  I chose not to pursue that avenue because that takes A LOT of time and preparation and this is something I wanted to make happen now.  If you donate on this site, become a Patron, or shop in the store, the money will help me to continue building the site and expand it to include resources, both online and printed.

If you choose to support this with an anonymous donation, then I want you to know how much I appreciate your contribution.  If you choose to support this with a regular donation, your name will be featured on the site.  If you choose to make a business donation, then your company name and logo will be featured on the site with a link to your company.

Search for a Donor or Recipient

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